Sending and resending login details to Guardians

If you have enabled Parent Portal, the next thing to do is to send the login details to the Primary Guardians.


Option 1 - Using a mail merge email

Using a mail merge email allows you to create a bespoke first email to parents that suits your needs. To send the mail merge email, go to School > Communications > Email > New Mail Merge Email.

Select the email address to send 'From' and 'To'. Top Tip: We recommend sending out logins to one year group at a time, so you can more easily deal with any login issues parents might have.

Add in your message to let them know where to go to log in, and how to set their password.

Once you've written your email, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Proceed, then on the next page, click Send.



Option 2 - Using the Parent Portal Usage page

Go to Students > Parents & Guardians > Parent Portal Usage to see the Guardians that have or have not logged onto your school's Parent Portal.



To send out login details for the first time, click on the box next to the pencil at the top of the grid so that the full list is selected, click the blue pencil icon then select Resend guardian login details.



In the slide over, choose whether to send them an email or an SMS (The SMS will advise them to call the school so that an email address may be added onto their profile), then click Send Details.



The Guardians will then receive the following email filled with your school's information and a password creation link.


PLEASE NOTE: You may want to send an email directly from the school in advance, to ensure Primary Guardians can look out for the Arbor email containing their logins. Since it would be the first communication from Arbor to your Primary Guardians, there is a possibility that the email will go straight into a junk or spam folder.


Re-sending login details from this page

To send login details, tick all the boxes next to the guardians you would like to send details to. Click the blue pencil icon to resend details. The message sent will be the same as shown in the section above.



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