Will parents receive more than one password reset when login details are sent?

In Arbor, each parent should have one profile and thus one account. All of their children should be linked to their one guardian profile in Arbor. They will only have one username and password per school using Arbor. Using this one log in they will be able to view the details for all of the students linked to them. 

This means that if a parent has more than one child at the same school, when they attempt to reset their password, they should only receive one email.

The only exception to this is where they have:

  • Children at different schools who use Arbor. If they have one student at school A and another student at school B they will have a profile on both school sites and will have two separate accounts they need to log into. They should have a username and password for each (but they can choose to set these the same so that they can choose which school they want to log into from login.arbor.sc). 
  • If a parent has a duplicate profile and they have one or more students linked to their first profile and one or more students linked to their second profile. If this is the case you'll need to merge the two profiles together following our guidance on merging duplicate guardian profiles.

To see how to reset a parent's password see our guidance on Sending and resending login details to Guardians.

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