New School Year Setup Step 4 - Custom Groups



The next step is to copy over your Custom Groups for the next academic year. This step is optional.

  • If you want to copy over or create custom groups, follow the instructions below.
  • If you don't, click Mark as Complete and move to the next article on Houses.

How long will it take?

This step usually takes schools around 15 minutes, but can take longer if you have lots of groups to copy over, or students to add or move around.


Copy custom groups from this year to next year

Go to School > School Structure > School Year Setup and select step 4. Custom Groups.




Click to copy them. In the slide over, you can select which groups you would not like to copy over, which groups you would like to copy over with no student enrolments, and which groups you would like to copy over completely, including the students who are enrolled in the group.

Please note that when selecting Copy Group and Members:

  • Custom groups where students, staff or guardians have been added manually will have the people in the custom group copied over.
  • Where they’ve been added using Automatic Membership Criteria, the people will be copied over, but the automatic membership criteria will not be. This means that to keep the custom group updated, you'll need to add the Automatic Membership Criteria again. This is because Automatic Membership Criteria are based on information for a specific academic year.



Add new custom groups

You can also set up entirely new custom groups as needed by clicking +Add in the Review section.




Editing the custom groups

Click into a custom group, then click More. You can also delete a group you’ve set up incorrectly from here.

Top Tip: As your current students aren't members of the custom groups yet, it'll show as nobody being in this group in the slide over.




Mark as complete

When you are happy that this section is now complete, click the green Mark as Complete button.



If you wish to return to this step and make any changes, click the red Return to incomplete button.

You must click the Mark as Complete button again to save your changes and enable you to continue editing the all the next sections.






I can't access this step because it is Locked

If this step is locked, you'll need to go back to the Academic Calendar step and click Mark Calendar as Complete.




We want to use custom groups next year but don't use them now

If you don't currently use custom groups but want to next year, you won't be able to copy them over.

You can either add new custom groups following the instructions above, or follow these instructions: Create and use Custom Groups

Can I reset this step?

Please see our guidance here: Can I reset a step in the New Year Setup?



What's next?

The next step in the New School Year Setup Process is to copy over your Houses.

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