New School Year Setup Step 7 - Meals



The next step is to copy over your Meals for the next academic year. This step is optional.

  • If you want to copy over or create meals, follow the instructions below.
  • If you don't, click Mark as Complete and move to the next article on Interventions.

How long will it take?

This step usually takes schools around 30 minutes, but can take longer if you have lots to set up from scratch.


1. Copy Meals and Meal Provisions

Go to School > School Structure > School Year Setup and select step 7. Meals.




Click on Copy Meals and Meal Provisions. A slide over will appear containing a list of the Meals and Meal Provisions for the next year. Tick the ones you would like to copy to next year, and untick the ones that should not be copied. For any provision that is ticked, the meal it belongs to will automatically be copied over.

When you are happy you have selected the meals you want to copy over click on the green Copy button at the bottom of the slide-over.



Adding new provisions

You can set up meals from this page, either by clicking into the Make further changes to meals section if you already have other meals. The process is then similar to the standard process, shown here: Setting Up Meals



2. Copy Meal Sittings and Attendees

Click on step 2. Tick the meal sittings and attendees you would like to copy and untick the ones that should not be copied. If you do not copy the sitting timetable or at least one sitting attendee group, the sitting itself will not be copied.

We recommend copying over your attendees to make sure teachers can access the Meal Register for their classes.



3. Copy Meal Prices

Tick the prices you would like to keep and untick the ones you would like to discard. The current price is shown in brackets, but this can be changed later.



4. Copy Meal Choices

Step 4 is optional and will depend on whether you want meal registers to be pre-filled with student’s regular meal choices. If you do, click Copy Meal Choices.



Check you’ll have meal registers in September

You’ll need to make sure you’ve set up meals correctly to ensure you’ll be able to select student’s meal choices in the Meal Registers. If you have not yet set your attendees for meals, your meal register will be blank. To fix this:

  1. go to School > Meals > Setup.
  2. Select the next academic year from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click into Attendees and go to the Automatic Group Attendees tab.
  4. Click +Add to add students.
  5. Select all the registration forms to add to the meal, then click Add Automatic Attendees.

This will then generate your meal registers. If you want to set a regular meal choice that students will have every day, you see how to do this in the Optional - Regular Meal Choices section here: Setting up meals



Mark as complete

When you are happy that this section is now complete, click the green Mark as Complete button.



If you wish to return to this step and make any changes, click the red Return to incomplete button.

You must click the Mark as Complete button again to save your changes and enable you to continue editing the all the next sections.






I can't access this step because it is Locked

If this step is locked, you'll need to go back to these steps and mark them as complete by clicking Mark as Complete:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Year Groups and Registration Forms




Why have Meal Choices not copied over?

For meal choices to copy over for students, the meal choice needs to have an end date that is the same as or later than the last day of Summer term for your school.

You’ll need to make sure that the Summer Term in your academic calendar lasts until your last good school day, not until the end of the summer holidays. In the example below, meal choices that end on the 30th August would not be copied over.


We want to use meals next year but don't use them now

If you don't currently use meals but want to next year, you won't be able to copy. Please follow these instructions: Setting Up Meals



Can I reset this step?

Please see our guidance here: Can I reset a step in the New Year Setup?



What's next?

The next step in the New School Year Setup Process is to copy over or create Interventions.

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