How do we delete Shared Teaching student duplicates?

Students who will be taking Shared Teaching courses should only be added and enrolled on their home school site. This is because once you enrol these students in a Shared Teaching course on their home school site, they'll automatically also be added as Guest students on the teaching school sites.

To avoid duplication of student profiles, we'll merge guest profiles with existing profiles using the UPN to match them.

If we were unable to match them (such as if they don't have a UPN on both profiles), you will have duplicates which will need to be resolved. Follow these instructions to delete the duplicates: Delete or merge a student profile

Please note that they will not flag as duplicates and cannot be merged with other profiles.

You may see a message that reads: 'Unable to delete this record as: Student cannot be deleted. The reason for this is that this student profile is being synced from another Arbor application and deleting the student could result in inconsistencies in your data.'

In this case, the link between this profile and the profile on the home school must be removed. You aren't able to do this, so:

  • If you are supported by one of our Support Partners, please contact them.
  • If you are supported via Advanced Support, you can contact us via email or phone.

Once we have removed this link, you will be able to delete the student as needed.

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