Which Shared Teaching site should students and guardians log into?

If you use the Parent Portal and Arbor App or Student Portal at your schools, users should log into the home school site. This is because they won't be able to log into their account on the other school site:

  • if there is a mismatch in the academic calendar, events may not show on the teaching school sites and timetables
  • we do not import email addresses for guardian linked to Shared Teaching Guest student profiles
  • guardian user accounts linked to Shared Teaching Guest student profiles are disabled by default

When trying to log in through our generic log in page to a site other than their home school site, users may see a message saying 'The entered credentials are not valid'. This is because they have never set a new password against this account.

We recommend they go to the specific school login page for their home school site and request a reset password email from there.

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