Assessments for Shared Teaching

In this article we'll go through some common FAQs for using our Assessments area alongside Shared Teaching.

Before getting started with the information below, we recommend you read our Introduction to Assessment guides for key terminology and for details about each assessment type:

How are assessment marks synced?

Assessment data and marks (including baselines, grades and targets) are synced between the schools instantly.

Staff can add marks in the same way as for any courses' assessments:

Academic Leads for a course on either site will be able to add assessment marks, so we recommend you put in a process to agree that only one Academic Lead adds marks to the marksheets.

Which assessments and marks can be synced?

For Summative (including Progress 8) assessments, only the current marks are synced. This is done in both directions, so the last mark on any school will sync to the other school(s).

For summative assessments, we don't sync:

Ad hoc assessments can be synced, but require a specific setup (see below).

Formative curriculum assessments are not synced.

Report Cards do not sync (like communications), so need to be set up at each school.

Setting up assessments


First, an assessment must be set up and linked with a shared teaching course (or the parent course of a Shared Teaching course). Then this assessment (and the assessment periods) will automatically be added to the other schools that also have this course. On the other schools, it will only be linked to the specific level, not any parent course.

Ensure that on each school, that the correct level of course (the very top level) is marked as assessable.

Ad hoc

Each school will need to set up their own Ad hoc assessments. To enable them to sync, ensure they have the exact same name and grade set (grade names, scale and values).

Make sure that the assessment dates used for the ad hoc assessment periods fall within one week of each other, otherwise they will not sync.


Marks are not showing on one school?

If assessment marks haven't been synced, check if they were input before the assessment was set up on the teaching sites. In this case, marks will only sync and update when the assessment mark is changed.

Mark changed on one school but not the other?

Check whether marks have been set as approved. If they have, this will prevent marks from the other site from syncing. You'll need to unset approval for these assessments and set the marks for them to pull through.

What are your recommendations for MATs?

You won't need to roll out your summative assessments from the MAT MIS, as these are automatically pushed out to the teaching schools once set up on one site.

But you may want to save time filling in marks, baselines and targets, or Target Judgment Rules.

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