How a member of the Admin team can take attendance

Who can take attendance in this way?

To access and edit registers through Students > Attendance, you will need to have the Attendance: Administer All Students permission.

These permissions have been automatically assigned to the relevant Business Roles managed by Arbor including:

  • Head Teacher Roles
  • Administration staff
  • Attendance officer
  • Business/Curricular/Pastoral Manager
  • Heads of Departments/Year/House
  • Senior Management Team

These permissions can be given to other users as needed. Click here to find out how to assign Ad-Hoc permissions to your staff. 


Finding the register

Go to Students > Attendance and use the filters to select the date of the register you wish to take.



Here you can see the AM or PM registers. with any marks already input:

  • Present is shown with a green tick
  • Late is shown with a yellow clock
  • Absent is shown with a red cross



  • Click the register you wish to use and then click Open Register.
  • If it is a register that has already been opened, instead click Edit Register.



Taking the register

The display can be switched to List view or Profile view by clicking on the respective button.

  • To take attendance in list view, simply click on the drop-down list next to each student name and select the appropriate mark.
  • To take attendance in profile view, simply click on the appropriate mark. 



The quickest way to enter marks is to click the Mark All Blanks as Present button, either at the top of the page (if all students are present) or at the bottom once you've entered any absences and lates. You can also choose to skip to the next student by clicking on Skip.

There are three options to choose from for marks (you can see a full list of marks here):

  • Present will log the / code.
  • Late will log the L code. Clicking this option will allow you to put in the number of minutes late or change the code to the U code - Late (After Register Closes).
  • Absent will log the N code by default unless a pre-fill mark has been specified with a planned absence. The teacher can change the mark to a different mark if they require (unless you've chosen to restrict attendance marks).



If a student is marked absent, you'll see a pop up where you can add additional text if needed.



If a student has a planned absence with a pre-fill mark logged, this will automatically mark the student with this mark in the register. For example, if a student is marked as absent due to e.g a doctor’s appointment, the M code will automatically appear in the absence code field.



To return to the lesson overview click on Return To Lesson Dashboard.


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