Get an Amendment file after changing entry details

You may need to:

  • remove some students from an exam
  • add access arrangements
  • make any other amendments to exam entries.

If you do this after you have submitted your EDI Entry file to the Awarding Organisation, you will need to generate and submit an amendment file.

Please note: You can repeat this process as many times as needed, but please be aware of the Awarding Organisation entry and amendment submission deadlines. Submitting your files later than this date may incur charges.

Step 1 - Mark the previous file as Approved or Rejected

If any student information has changed, you can check this by going to Exams > EDI Exports > Entries and clicking into a file.

Any pupil details that have changed since it was generated will be highlighted in red so you’ll know if you need to send a new amendment file.

You’ll need to mark the last Amendment or Entry file generated as Approved or Rejected before you a new Amendment file can be generated: Confirming and rejecting EDI files

Step 2 - Generate a new amendment file

Return to the EDI Exports > Entries page and select the series from the Pending Submission section. Click the Confirm button.

confirm changes.png


The submission will then appear in the Confirmation of Submission section. Click this submission.

click into submission.png


Step 3 - Download the file

On the View EDI File Contents page, you can then click Download EDI File.

Also on the View EDI File Contents page, you can see a list of all the students that have been added or withdrawn from the exam series. It includes students that have been withdrawn because the exam board needs to be informed that the student is withdrawn.

download ammendment file.png


You can then download the Amendment file. It will begin with A for amendment. You must submit this file to the Awarding Organisation via the A2C website.

download the file.png



Step 4 - Mark as approved

Once the Awarding Organisation has accepted the submission of the Amendment file, you can mark the submission as Approved. It will then appear in your Submission Log

submission log.png


What's next?

Once the Awarding Organisation has accepted your amendments file, you'll need to Approve or Reject the file. You can see how to do this in this article: Confirming and rejecting EDI files

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