Adding and editing exam candidate Unique Candidate Identifiers (UCIs)

There are two places where you can see students and their UCIs:

  • Students > All Students > Bulk Update or in School > Data > Data Quality Dashboard > Students - This page shows all students, or select a specific year group in the drop-down menu.
  • Students > Examinations > Candidates and select the candidate type - This page only shows students who are expected to be doing exams at your school.

The students that already have Unique Candidate Identifiers will have the number showing in the UCI column. The students without an UCI will have a blank space in the UCI column.


Adding a UCI

Tick the students without a UCI and click on the Bulk action button to select the bulk assign option.



For the Exams page, the page will reload with the UCIs added in bulk. For the bulk update page, confirm your changes in the slide over.



You can also add a UCI by clicking into the UCI field to update the information in the slide over.

Leave the Existing UCI field blank to assign them a UCI, or type into the box if they have an existing UPN.



Top Tip: You can't add a UCI that has already been assigned to another student that has an entry in the academic year selected.



Warning banner on the candidates page

We'll show you an orange banner on the Students > Examinations > Candidates > Internal Candidates page if you have any students with duplicate Unique Candidate Identifiers (UCI) or candidate numbers in the same academic year.

  • UCI - These must be unique for every candidate, and is made from the candidate number and other things. You will need to resolve these duplicates, or you will have issues making entries.
  • Candidate numbersHaving duplicate candidate numbers could create a duplicate UCIs, so you can resolve these if needed. 



Deleting a UCI

To delete a UCI, click the UCI then click Delete.



UCI mismatch

You may get an error for UCI mismatch when importing results. If you do, this means the UCI recorded in Arbor is different to the UCI they were entered for the exam under. This can happen if they were entered in a previous system or at a different school. You'll need to:

  1. Deleting the existing UCI
  2. Adding in the UCI they were entered under
  3. Re-import the results file


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