Enter candidates into Non-EDI qualifications

Once you have set up your Non-EDI awards, you can enter candidates. Non-EDI exams don't use EDI files for basedata and entries, so the process making entries is slightly different.

Please see our other guidance for EDI exams.

Step 1 - Enter candidates to the award and units

You must first enter students into awards and units. The process is very similar as for EDI qualifications, so please see our instructions here: Entering candidates in Arbor

Once you have done this, there is an additional step you need to complete for Non-EDI exams to show up in timetables - see the next step below.

add candidate entries.png


Step 2 - Add students to the assessable instances

Non-EDI exams don't include assessables in the basedata, so students need to be added to the assessables manually.

To do this, go to Qualifications > Non-EDI then select the qualification and unit.

Click +Add in the Assessable Candidate Entries section to add students to assessables.

add to assessables.png


Select the series, and the students to add.

select students.png


You can then click on an assessable instance and add students to there.

assessable instance.png

add students to instance.png


What's next?

Once you have added exams and added candidates to them, you should check your entries are correct: Check and report on Candidate Entries by subject or student

Entries into these qualifications will not generate EDI entry files, and must be made directly with awarding organisations, using their online portals.

Please note that Arbor Support will not be able to support you with the process of submitting these entries.

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