Logging absences on the Parent Portal and Arbor App

It is now possible to record absences on the Parent Portal and Arbor App. You can only record same-day absences, so for any extended or future absences, please contact your child's school. For school staff looking to use this feature, see this article.

Recording an absence

To record an absence, click on the Quick Actions button and then click Attendance.


From here, click the green Log Absence button in the top-right of the page.



Here, you can input the start and end time for the absence and type in the reason for the absence. By default, the absence start and end times reflect the student's full day, but these can be adjusted as needed. Once you have filled in this data, click Log Absence. This will then be visible to school staff.


Once this has been logged, school staff can accept or reject the absence. Approved absences appear in the Attendance tab of the Parent Portal or Arbor App.


Editing or deleting absence requests 

It is not possible to edit an existing absence request, so if you need to make any changes, you should delete the absence request and create a new one. To delete the absence, click on it and then click Cancel Change Request.


Please note: It is not possible to delete an absence once it has been approved by your school. If you need to make any changes after this has happened, please contact your school.

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