View and add Permissions to a Business Role

How can I see Business Roles?

Go to School > Users and SecurityThe Business Roles page lists all roles setup on Arbor as well as a breakdown of the roles currently being used.



Further information on each role can be displayed by clicking on the role.

You can view who has has a business role by clicking the role and selecting Users. You can change the filters to see who had this role in the past.



How do I add Permissions to a Business Role?

To edit permissions associated with a business role, your school must be in charge of managing that role.

Please note, if your school decides to manage a business role, this is an irreversible change and means that this business role will no longer be updated with improvements by Arbor.

For certain requirements, alternative methods of assigning permissions may be more appropriate, such as adding Ad-Hoc Permissions if you would like to add a permission to a particular member of staff, or adding a business role if you would like to assign multiple permissions at once.


The Business Role Overview page allows the Leadership team to edit a particular business role and the permissions associated with it. Here the Business Role can also be re-named if required.



On this page, you can see whether your school or Arbor manages the business role. In order to edit the business role, your school must manage it.

To manage the business role, click the Permissions Management row.



A slide over will appear where you can click to assume responsibility for the role.



Click the red button, then click yes if you are sure you would like to make the changes.



Clicking on the Permissions Management field will now display the information that the role is now managed by Arbor.



A permission can then be added or removed from the business role by clicking Permissions from the left-hand menu. 



You will see there is now an explanation about how permissions work when the role is managed by you saying you have control of the role permissions.

Adding a permission to a business role will mean that anyone who currently has the business role will be given the chosen permission and anyone who in the future is assigned the business role Head of House will be given the chosen permission by default. As an additional level of security, for the new permission to come into effect users who are already logged in must log out of Arbor and then back again. Please be aware that adding the permissions to current business role holders happens in the background, and may take a few minutes, depending on the number of role holders.

Click the permission to add it to the role or see more information.



Click Add Permission to role and click Yes, add it to add the permission. 



A tick will then appear next to the permission. All users with this role will now have this permission.

A similar process can be used for removing permissions. Click the permission to remove it.


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