Reviewing and Cancelling Invoices

School > Payments > Accounts > Invoices 

You can use this page to review Invoices for students in school. The table is filtered to display the Invoices created over the last week.

Click the filter box at the top of the page to apply a different date range, and you can download the table to Excel by clicking the Download button to the right.


Cancelling a Meal Invoice

If an Invoice for a meal has been issued in error and needs to be reversed, it can be cancelled from this page. This will adjust the student's balance back to before the invoice was applied to the account.

To cancel an invoice, click on it in the table and click the "Cancel Invoice" button on the slide over that appears.


Invoices for Clubs and Trips 

Invoices for clubs and trips are created AFTER a payment has been recorded.

This means that you can only issue a refund or credit for these payments. You will not see the red 'Cancel Invoice' button as you do for Meal Invoices. 



To read more about how to issue refunds click here

To remove participants from a club or trip please contact the Arbor Customer team for further assistance.


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