Card Payments Usage

Once you have set up card payments in the Arbor MIS, you can start using them across your school site. Card payments can be taken for clubs, meals, trips, school shop (the shop is available for Perform package customers) and more.

This article will take you to the relevant guidance for using payments across Arbor.


You can set up clubs to create sessions for students and charge the students who attend. Our Help Centre article on creating clubs and applying prices and charges can be found here.


Having card payments set up allows you to charge students for places in a trip, and you can choose whether to or not to allow payment instalments, voluntary contribution, and more. This article walks through the setting up of trip. 


Setting up meals allows you to charge students for lunches, and you can either have set menus or allow guardians to choose meals and pay for them on the Parent Portal.

For our full guide on setting up and using meals, click this link.

Along with charging students for meals, you can also set up meals for staff and charge for these meals. To find out more on how to do this, see our article here.

School Shop

The School shop allows you to sell any products you wish such as school uniform, tuck shop items, and event tickets. For information on setting up and using your school shop, see our guidance here

Wraparound Care

Wraparound care specifically allows you to set up breakfast and after school clubs at your school, and charge students for their sessions. Our article here details the setting up of wraparound clubs, and for more information on using vouchers to pay for wraparound care clubs, see this article.

Other uses for payments

If you want staff or guardians to make payments for anything that is not listed above such as PTA or nursery tuition, you can set up a new Customer Account Type and allow payments into it.

Other ways to pay

As well as topping up an account by card, parents can make payments on their devices using Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can see how to get set up (and see the package requirements for this feature) here: Making payments with Apply Pay and Google Pay.

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