Cancelled card payment payout

There are a few reasons why a payout may be cancelled and not paid out.

Minimum amount not reached

The minimum amount that can be paid out to your school bank account is £1 net - defined as one whole unit in local currency by Stripe.

Please note that a £1 payment from a parent would not hit the minimum value for payout, as the payment would be less than £1 once VAT has been deducted. 

If the minimum amount is not reached, there will be no payout that week. Please wait until more money has been paid in.


Negative balances

If any of your payout amounts are negative (such as if you have had no money paid in, but have issued refunds), no money can be paid out.

Please wait until more money has been paid in, or top up the account.

example 2.png


Card payments suspended

Go to School > Payments > Setup and check if there is a cross here. If so, you might need to correct or resubmit details to re-enable card payments and payouts: Identity verification required for card payments

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 11.41.38.png


Insufficient funds

If there isn't enough money in your Stripe account balance to cover the total payout amounts (across all bank accounts), the payout will be cancelled.

In the example below, the balance is £6566.30, but the amount needing to be paid out is £6654.96. As the amount needing to be paid is higher than the available balance, it won't be paid.

In order to resolve this, see our article on topping up your Arbor payment account here.

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