Manually signing students up to a trip

If you don't use Parent Portal or the Arbor App at your school, or you need to log that a parent has paid to sign their child up to a trip using Cash or Cheque, you will need to manually log this in Arbor.

To manually add students to a trip, go to School > Activities > Trips and select the trip. You will be taken to the trip overview. 


  • School: Extra Curricular: Administer - Set up and manage trips
  • Finance: Administer - Manage payments for trips

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.



Signing the students up

Free trip

For a free trip, go to the Eligible tab. Select all the students to sign up for the trip, then click the Bulk action button and select Add Participant.

Please note, you will only be able to select a student that is part of one of the eligible groups you choose in the settings, e.g. Year 7.



If consent was required, confirm in the slide over that this has been given then click Add Participants.



These students will then appear in the Confirmed tab.



Paid trip

For a paid trip, once you have set up prices, you can sign students up for the trip which also creates an invoice. Top Tip: Students with an invoice will have their name underlined and turned into a hyperlink.


Go to the Eligible tab. Select all the students to sign up for the trip, then click the Bulk action button and select Add Payment.



On the next page, input the payment method, the amount paid, the date it was paid and any notes. Then click Save.



You may also need to record consent for the trip.



If the amount paid was less than the Auto Confirmation Threshold, they will move to the Reserved tab.

They will move to the Confirmed tab automatically once payments have been logged totalling the Auto Confirmation Threshold or higher, or they pay in full.



Alternatively, you can choose to confirm them as participants to book their place. Please note that in this case the full amount has not been paid.



What's next?

If you need to log further payments for a child, you can see how to do this here: How can I log more payments for a trip?

If you need to cancel participation in the trip or give a refund to a guardian, you can see how to do this here: Cancelling Trip participation and making refunds

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