Manage trip deposits in Arbor

You may have trips where a deposit must be paid in order to secure a place on a trip. In Arbor, there are two ways to manage this:

  • setting up one trip with an auto-confirmation threshold - our recommended option
  • setting up two trips - for if the deposit is taken in a different academic year

Please note that we don't recommend changing trip prices from the deposit amount to the full amount because this will not change the prices for students already booked: Can we change the price of a Trip?

Using a trip with an auto-confirmation threshold

Follow these instructions to set up your trip: Setting up a Trip

When adding the prices for the trip, you set an auto-confirmation threshold. This acts as the deposit for the trip.

Once the amount parents have paid reaches the auto-confirmation threshold amount, the student will have paid the deposit and will have their place confirmed on the trip. They can then continue to make payments for the trip, up to the full price they owe.

Please note that for this to work effectively, you'll need to make sure that either:

  • your minimum instalment amount, deposit amount and full amount work well together. So for example, if your minimum instalment amount is £20 but your deposit is £50, parents wouldn't be able to pay the deposit themselves without paying more.
  • you will manually manage any refunds or additional payments.

The deposit is taken in a different academic year

If the deposit is being paid this year, but the trip is happening next year, you'll need to set this up as two trips. This is because you can only make payments for trips happening in the current academic year.

Please follow these instructions to set up your trip: Copying over a trip into next academic year

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