Add a previously cancelled trip participant

After a student's participation in a paid trip has been cancelled, you may need to add them back onto the trip. 

Before you do this, parents can see the trip in the Upcoming Trips section, but they cannot sign up again or make payments.

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Step 1 - Confirm Participants

Find the student in the Eligible tab, tick the box next to their name and click Confirm Participants.

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Step 2 - Add Payments

Parents and Guardians

Now the student has been confirmed as a participant, the parent or guardian can pay via card through the Parent Portal or App.

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Alternatively, you can log payment manually. Go to the Confirmed tab, tick the box next to their name and click Add Payment.

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You can log cash, cheque or bank transfer, just in the same way as if you were manually signing a student up for a trip for the first time.

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If you try to add payment before marking them as confirmed, you won't be able to.

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