Moving Money Between Accounts on Arbor

You can manipulate the refund function to move money from one account on Arbor to another if there has been a payment made to the wrong account. For example, if a guardian has paid money into one child's account in error, you can issue a refund to that account in Arbor, then add a credit note onto the other sibling’s account for the same amount. Thus, you've moved the credit from the one account to the other - without physically moving the money within Stripe.

Logging the Refund

You can do this all from the children’s profile page using the payment menu on the left-hand side.


To issue a new Refund, click '+Add' on the right-hand side of the page.


Fill in the details on the slide over, including the type of refund, amount and any narrative, then click Add Refund


The refund will be recorded, and this will be reflected in the student's Account Balance. 

Note: If money is not being paid out to a Student's parent/guardian, but a charge made needs to be reversed completely, a refund should not be issued. Instead, please cancel the Invoice (for help with this, read this article). 


Adding a Credit Note to the Sibling's Account

Head to the sibling's profile and use the left-hand menu to select 'Credit Notes' under the account you wish to add this credit to that you refunded from the other child's account.


 To then add a new Credit Note, click '+Add' on the right-hand side of the page. 


Fill in the details on the slide over, including the bill payer, amount and any narrative, then click Credit account


You've now moved money on the Arbor records from one sibling to another!

You can also move the money from one account to another on a single child's account in a similar way, for example, moving the credit from their meals account to an ad hoc account that you may have set such as Breakfast Club, or even to trips.

Remember that the money can only at this time be physically moved from one bank account to another via your payment platform which in this case, would be Stripe.