Changing mixed-year registration forms to single-year forms for secondaries

If you used to have mixed-year registration forms, you may wish to change this. To change registration forms so students attend registration only with other students within their year group, follow the three-step process below.

Step 1 - Create your new registration forms

As an example, at my school, we usually split students into different registration forms based on their house, with students from different year groups but the same house in each registration form. So you can see my registration forms are linked to multiple year groups.

To move to a model where registration forms include students from the same year, you may need to set up new registration forms and move the student to the new structure.



Go to Students > Enrolment > Registration Forms and change the academic year using the drop-down menu.

Add in the new registration forms you'll need by clicking +Add. be sure to link them to the right year group only.



Then go to School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Schedule Registration sessions and change the year to 2020/2021 using the drop-down menu.

Tick the box next to the new registration form to schedule slots for then click the Bulk action button to set up the registration sessions and choose the AM and PM registration times. This mean that anyone added to the registration form will automatically be enrolled in the registers.   

Step 2 - Move your students to the right registration form

Go to your original registration form and scroll down to the Current Students section. Select the student you want to transfer to a different registration form and click the Bulk action button to select Transfer Students. In this example, here are my two Year 10 students I want to move to the Year 10 registration form I just set up.



In the slide over, select your new registration form and select the transfer date. If you put the first day of the academic year, this will completely remove an enrolment into the original registration form, so if you've already started taking attendance you may need to go back and fill in any missing marks.

The students will now be enrolled in the correct registration form with only the students in the same year group as them.


Step 3 - Delete your old incorrect registration forms

Once you've moved all of the students into their correct registration forms, you can delete the incorrect ones using the red button on the left-hand side.



Select to remove the students and the automatic enrolment.



Then go to Students > Programmes > Courses > 2020/2021 courses and select the old incorrect registration class. Delete it using the red button on the left-hand side.


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