How do we take both registers for a double lesson?

You may have set up a double lesson as two individual timetable slots, for example, if you want the class to take place across two rooms.

When the lessons are set up as two timetable slots, attendance from the first register will not automatically feed into the second timetabled lesson. Teachers would need to input attendance for both lessons, or else the register will appear incomplete.

The only way to set it so that teachers only have to take one register would be to change the two lessons into one long lesson. Go to School > Programmes > Courses and click + to get to the bottom-level course.



You'll see the two scheduled lessons in the Classes & Lessons section.



We recommend adding end dates for both lessons and adding a new one to keep any attendance logged so far, as you won't be able to delete any timetabled slots that have already had attendance taken.

Click into the first lesson and click Edit in the slide over. Add an End date of today then click Save Changes. Repeat this for the second lesson.



Click +Add in the Classes & Lessons section to schedule the new longer register session to start from tomorrow.



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