Downloading a communication log

You can view and download communications as a PDF, for the whole school or for individual students, staff or guardians.


Log for an individual student

You can download a communication log for a student which includes all communications which correspond to the selected filters. Just go to the student profile and click the Communications & Notes section from the left-hand menu.



Click the Download communication log button and fill in the slide over with the required information.

You can select:

  • the date range when messages were sent/received. Please note that this must be within the current academic year.
  • communication type
  • whether to include comms with guardian(s). Top Tip: Deselecting a guardian if you have two linked might not remove all comms to the guardian. If an email was sent to both guardians the downloading of the communication log will display both recipients of the email. This tick box removes emails sent to only that one guardian, not emails sent to both.
  • whether to include Private messages

Then click Download communication log.




Top Tip: You can also download the communication log by clicking the Download / Print button on the main student profile page.



Log for the whole school or filter for students, staff or guardians

Go to School > Communications > All School Communications. and click the Download Communication log button.



You can download communications with anyone, or use the drop-down menu to select a particular student or staff group or class.

Please note that the date range must be within the current academic year.




Once you click download, you'll see a pop-up and you'll get a notification when it's ready to download. Click the notification to download the log to your computer.




When you open the log you can see the communications sent or received in the time period selected.



Can we filter communications for a certain group of students?

You can download communications for a specific group of students.

Select the group or custom group in the 'Include Communications with' dropdown.


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