Log an ad hoc meeting

Different to Guardian Consultations that can be set up in bulk, meetings can be logged individually from student or guardian profiles.

For upcoming meetings, we instead recommend adding an event with the Type of meeting, because this will show in student and staff calendars.



Adding a meeting

From the student profile

Go to the student's profile and click the Communications/Notes button. Select Log Meeting.



The student will already be selected.

Add which staff member the meeting will be with, add a time and date, and how long the meeting will be. You can also add any meeting agenda items and a location. Then click Log meeting.



You'll then be taken to the meeting overview.



From the guardian's profile

Go to the guardian's profile and click the Communications button. Select Log Meeting.



Select the student from the list the guardian is linked to.

Add which staff member the meeting will be with, add a time and date, and how long the meeting will be. You can also add any meeting agenda items and a location. Then click Log meeting.



How do we find the meeting?

The meeting won't show on the student's calendar or timetable. Go to either:

  • The Communications & Notes section of the student's profile
  • The Communications section of a staff member linked to the meeting
  • Please note that it will not show in the Guardian's Communication Log.



Click on the meeting and click More information.



Editing the meeting

Delete the meeting

Click Delete meeting in the slide over, or click More information then Delete meeting.




Rescheduling to a different time, date or location

Click on the scheduling details to open the slide over. You can change the location in the slide over, but you won't be able to save the change, as there will be no time slots to select.

You'll need to click Reschedule to custom time.



Do not click Unschedule, because you won't be able to reschedule the meeting.




You'll need to click Reschedule to custom time or Book Custom Time Slot. You can then change the time, date and location.



Meeting notes

You can add a note. Please note that there is a tick box for the note to be shared with guardians, this note will not be displayed anywhere for guardians on the Parent Portal or Arbor App.




You can edit or delete the note by clicking on it.



If you choose to delete it, just click More information to return to the overview, or Add note to add a new note.



Managing people linked to the meeting


It is not possible to change the student the meeting is about. You'll need to delete the meeting and add a new one.


To add more staff, click +Add




To remove staff, click on their name and click the Remove staff from meeting button.



Please note that if you originally added a staff member in the Meeting requested by box, you cannot remove this staff member. You would need to delete and re-add the meeting.




If you click on the scheduling details, you can change or add guardians to the meeting.


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