Using Arbor on a mobile - is there an app for teachers?

Is there an app for teachers?

We do not offer an app that teachers can use - we recommend using a computer or laptop computer to access and use Arbor. You can see how to log in here.


Can staff use Arbor on their mobile phones?

We are aware that there may be some display issues when accessing Arbor on a mobile phone browser.

We are working towards making Arbor fully responsive for all users on mobile using our supported browsers. This is a long-term initiative, but once complete means Arbor will be compatible with any device, removing the need for a dedicated app.

If you do not have access to a computer or laptop, you can change your phone browser to display in Desktop mode. This can improve your experience on mobile for certain devices. You can see how to do this for your specific phone by searching in Google.



Can staff log into the App?

We currently offer a version of Arbor that guardians can log into the same way staff do. We also offer the Parent App which brings all the functionality of our Parent Portal to guardian’s phones.

The App is only available for guardians to use, so staff will not be able to log into it and will get this message:


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