Staff member is being asked to add a date of birth and is logged in as a parent

If you're being asked for a date of birth when trying to log in to Arbor, it's because your staff email address is also held on a guardian profile.

It is the school's responsibility to make sure data has been checked before staff try to log in, as it may have been stored incorrectly in your previous system. We recommend making sure all users (staff, guardians and students) have unique email addresses logged on their profiles.



You'll need to ask the admin team at your school to change the email address held on either your staff or guardian profile. For example, if the email you're trying to use to log in is your school email address you'll need to provide a new personal email address for your guardian profile. 

They can follow the instructions in this article: How to check for duplicate email addresses and stop users from being logged into the wrong account

Once you've changed the email addresses:

  • When they put in the email address logged on their guardian profile, they'll be able to log into the Parent Portal.
  • When they put in the email address logged on their staff profile, they'll be able to log into their staff account. 


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