Recording the 16-19 bursary or catch up funding

You can record when the student recieved the 16-19 Bursary eligibility or Learner funding and monitoring (FAM) as a top-up funding type, from the Student Funding section of the student profile. Click +Add

You can see more information about adding funding, including how to do so in bulk, here: Adding top up funding to a student



You may not see all of the options in the screenshot. You will need one of the following depending on the options in the dropdown.

For all schools:

  • Discretionary Bursary Awarded
  • 16-19 tuition fund
  • Repeating final year of 16-19 funded provision
  • Vulnerable Group Bursary Awarded

For schools who complete the ILR:

  • 16- 19 Bursary Fund (Discretionary)
  • 16- 19 Bursary Fund (Vulnerable Group)

For schools who complete the School Census:

  • School led tutoring programme (now inactive)
  • National Tutoring Programme



Enter the dates that they will be getting funding to and from, then click the green Add Student Funding button.



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  • Hi, do we need to complete the school led tutoring field for the Autumn 2021 census if we're not starting the tutoring until Jan 2022? Just put future dates in? Or leave til spring census?



  • Hi Diana, you'll need to record eligibility for this type of funding, even if you haven't begun the actual tutoring yet. We'd always recommend putting in data for anything you have the information on now.


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