Recording the 16-19 bursary or catch up funding

You can record when the student recieved the 16-19 Bursary eligibility as a top-up funding type, from the Student Funding section of the student profile.

Click +Add



You may not see all of the options in the screenshot. You will need one of the following depending on the options in the dropdown.

For all schools:

  • Discretionary Bursary Awarded
  • 16-19 tuition fund
  • Repeating final year of 16-19 funded provision
  • Vulnerable Group Bursary Awarded

For schools who complete the ILR:

  • 16- 19 Bursary Fund (Discretionary)
  • 16- 19 Bursary Fund (Vulnerable Group)

For schools who complete the School Census:

  • School led tutoring programme



Enter the dates that they will be getting funding to and from, then click the green Add Student Funding button.



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