How to set a student as Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium tag is set by selecting one or more indicators from a student's profile. This guide will go through each of them and explain how to add them to a students profile.

'Pupil Premium' in Arbor is an indicator of whether a student may be eligible for Pupil Premium based on their background, such as being in receipt of Free School Meals. The Pupil Premium tag may not be a true representation of who actually receives Pupil Premium funding in the school (shown by the Pupil Premium Recipients tag). You can see more information in this article: Pupil Premium vs Pupil Premium Recipients

Please note: There isn't a pupil premium button that can be pressed to toggle this status on/off.


Free School Meal Eligibility 

To set FSM status, go to the Background section of the student's profile.



Click on the Free School Meal field and click Add Free School Meal Eligibility.



Input the relevant dates from the slide over and click Add Eligibility.



Ever 6 FSM

Schools receive Pupil Premium funding to support the learning of pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM). This funding continues for a further 6 years, even if the child is no longer entitled to receive free school meals.

Children who qualify for free school meals (FSM) at any point since May 2011, are known as Ever 6 FSM.

For example: If a child has a historic FSM Eligibility recorded from 13 Sep 2016-05 Oct 2016, under the Ever 6 FSM principle, they would continue to receive Pupil Premium funding for another six years after their FSM eligibility ends. In this case until 05 Oct 2022.

As such, the Ever 6 tag would be automatically triggered in the background section of the student's profile.



Looked After (In Care) Status

Please view our guide on Adding a Looked After (In Care) or Post Looked After status to see how to add this.

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