Pupil Premium vs Pupil Premium Recipients

What is the difference between Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium Recipient?

The Pupil Premium tag that can be found on a student's Student Profile is an indicator of whether a student may be eligible for Pupil Premium based on their background, such as being in receipt of Free School Meals. The Pupil Premium tag may not be a true representation of who actually receives Pupil Premium funding in the school.

The Pupil Premium Recipients tag is used to identify exactly who is receiving Pupil Premium funding based on the official information uploaded to your site from Key to SuccessThis is the field you should use to analyse your current Pupil Premium students as it is the official tag for Pupil Premium.

Don't worry if your report from Key 2 Success has students in last year's year groups or forms! This is because Key2Success works within the financial year and the forms on this report are from when the report was generated. When you put this information in Arbor it will add the information to the correct children and they will remain within their correct form in Arbor.

Please note that in some cases, a student with the Pupil Premium Recipient tag may actually no longer be eligible for Pupil Premium, as students receive Pupil Premium funding over the whole financial year.



Where can I see Pupil Premium Recipients?

As the Pupil Premium tag only represents possible eligibility of Pupil Premium, using the Pupil Premium Recipient tag is the best way to judge who is actually receiving Pupil Premium.

You can view a list of all your Pupil Premium Recipient students in Students > Demographics > Derived Indicators > Background > Pupil Premium Recipient.



You can view a list all your cash amounts for your Pupil Premium Recipient students Students > Demographics > Pupil Premium Recipients.



To allow you to report on your Pupil Premium Recipient students in Arbor, you could set up all your pupil premium students in a custom group. Use the automatic membership function within the custom group to automatically add Pupil Premium Recipient Students. For more guidance on setting up custom groups with automatic memberships, take a look at this article.



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