Checking which students are disabled

Adding a Medical condition of disabled

Go to the Student Profile, scroll down to the Medical section and click +Add.



Select Medical Condition.



The medical condition you choose will depend on what the student's medical condition actually is. You may class medically disabled as 'Physical Disability' or 'Wheelchair User'. You may also find another option in the Medical Condition list that is more appropriate.

You could also add your own Medical Condition by typing in the condition and entering a new value.



Scroll down and click the green Create Medical Condition button.




This is how the student's Medical Condition will be displayed in Students > Medical.




How do I find the students classed as Medically Disabled?

Once you have marked them correctly on the student profile, go to Students > Medical.

Here you will find a list of everyone with a Medical Condition. If you want to find particular conditions, you can download the list into Excel and remove the students you don't want to include.

To download the medical conditions list, click the grey Download button and select Excel



This will download the list onto your computer. Here you can open the file. In Excel you can remove the rows you don't need, leaving only the students you want to look at and include.


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