Put a class in two rooms - splitting a double lesson

You may have a double or single lesson where the students will move from one room into another mid-way through the session every lesson.

It isn't possible in Arbor to link one class with more than one room.

Because of this, you may need to split the lesson into two timetable slots in order to assign different rooms to each. This will enable you to more accurately log behaviour incident locations and use seating plans. To do this, follow the instructions below.


Splitting your class

First, check when your school's roll call times are to see if any part of the double lesson coincides with the roll call times. You can see how to do this here: Check your attendance settings

If your lesson does overlap with your roll call times, you'll need to make sure that it stays overlapping when you edit the times of the timetable slot. This makes sure that any attendance recorded for past sessions will still contribute towards statutory attendance.



Go to School > Programmes > Courses and select the bottom-level course. You will need to shorten the existing lesson to cover the time period in the first room. If it's a double lesson, this will likely mean shortening it to an hour.

  • If the first part of the lesson coincides with roll call, keep the start time the same and move the end time earlier.
  • If the second part of the lesson coincides with roll call, keep the end time the same and move the start time later.

Click into the lesson and click the Edit button.



In this example, I will need to move the end time earlier so the past lessons stay overlapping with the roll call times.



Then click +Add to schedule a new timetable slot for the second half of the lesson in the second room.



Your lesson will now be split into two separate timetable slots.

As long as the times don't overlap, it won't flag as a timetable clash. 



The teacher will now have two lessons timetabled in their calendar. If only one of the lessons overlaps with your roll call times, you can choose to only take the attendance register for that lesson.


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  • This generally means the teacher ends up having to do two registers, so it's not a popular option.  We've found that another way to do this is to put a recurring event on the "other" rooms timetable, which then shows it's already in use - allocate it to the same teacher with the timetabled lesson so it shows as a clash on their calendar.

  • Hi Mark, this could work too, although we wouldn't recommend this method for all schools as you then can't use the clashes report effectively.


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