Book resources e.g. laptop trolleys

You may have resources, such as a laptop trolley, that are not assigned to a specific room but that can be booked.

Although we don't have a specific resource booking feature, you can manage this in a similar way to room booking. Please note that the system will allow double booking - that's why we recommend checking if the resource is free first!

Step 1 - Set up the resource

First, we recommend setting up the resource as a room. You can see how to do this here: Adding a new site or room

Step 2 - Book it

To book the laptop trolley, check the free room finder to make sure the trolley has not already being used at a particular time.

Go to School > Timetable Administration > Sites and Rooms > Free Room Finder. Add in the date and time you need the resource to check if it's free.



Click on the resource to open the calendar. Use the arrows and buttons to find the date you'd like to schedule an event. You can also check you're not double-booking the resource from here.

Click on the timetable slot to create an event and book. You can see more information on how to do this in our article on events: Creating and managing events

Make sure you select the current room. Your event will then show in the room calendar and this room will no longer appear as free on the Free Room Finder page for the period booked.


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