Guaranteed Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Time

Teachers are entitled to a minimum of 10% of timetabled teaching time for PPA as part of their hours of directed time. This should be clearly identified on your timetable in blocks that are not less than half an hour. 

It is a legal requirement for schools to give PPA time to their staff. Teachers need to know which of their frees are PPA and which are not.

PPA should not be left as a free period. This ensures teachers are not available for cover etc during their PPA time. If a staff is in a timetabled slot, they will not show as being available for cover and therefore their PPA cannot be compromised.

For more information on PPA, take a look at the DfE's guidance here.


Setting up PPA

If you have scheduled PPA in the same way as classes and lessons, and have assigned teachers to timetable slots, the data for PPA hours will not be shown in the Teaching Hours report (see more below).

So that you can report on PPA, you must add it as events in the school calendar. Click My Calendar on your Arbor Dashboard.

Click the timetable slot you wish to schedule PPA for and fill in the slide over with the right information. Include yourself as a participant if you want to see this event in your calendar.

If the Event type of PPA does not appear here, contact us and we can add this for you.




Click Create recurring school event and the PPA will then appear in the staff member's timetable.




Reporting on PPA

You can generate and download a report of your teacher hours, so you can analyse how teachers are using their time at school, including time allocated, time teaching lessons and planned PPA. Just go to School > Timetable > Staff Timetable > Teacher Hours. 

You can click into the relevant row to see the teacher's full timetable.


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