Changing the school logo

You school logo appears in the top-left of your Arbor screen. It will also appear on printouts such as letters and report cards.



You will need the School: General Admin: Administer permission to change the logo. If you don't have the right permissions, ask your admin team to assign them to you.


Changing the logo

You can upload or change your school's logo by going to School > School Details.

Please note: For logo changes to take effect, please log out and log back in again.

To add or edit the school logo, click the Logo field.



In the slide over, click Browse to select the logo from your computer files, then click Upload.



You can also add a printable logo. This will replace your school Arbor logo and will be output on printouts such as letters and report cards. To add or update this, click the Printable Logo field.



In the slide over, click Browse to select the logo from your computer files, then click Upload. You can also decide whether or not the logo is output in place of your normal logo on email signatures.



Logo requirements

  • Make sure your file type is a PNG
  • Have your logo on a transparent background (so there isn't a white box around the image on your site)
  • Make sure your logo fills up as much of the space as possible, so it displays large and clear
  • If you have two versions of your logo, use the lighter one for your Arbor site and the darker one for printouts, so they stand out
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I'm still stuck!


  • I have uploaded our school logo on numerous occasions, but it keeps disappearing and saying not set up. It was a high definition PNG file. Please advise.

  • Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for getting in touch!

    Can you drop us an email with all the information into and a member of the team will look into this for you. If you can include as much information as possible this will help our team to resolve this.

  • However I upload ours, the quality is terrible - as though it's been compressed to within an inch of its life, despite starting off as a PNG file as recommended.

  • Hi Adrian, please get in touch with us at so we can help figure out why this is happening.


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