How can parents sign up for the Parent Portal if they have a child at more than one school using Arbor?

When a parent logs into the Parent Portal or the Arbor App they can see details about their children that attend one school using Arbor. If they have two children attending the same school, they can easily switch between students in the app or on the website.

But how does the Parent Portal work for parents with children at more than one school who use Arbor?

If a parent has children at more than one school their experience of logging into the Parent Portal and Arbor App will be a little different. If they use the same email address on their profile at both schools they will be asked which school they want to log into when they visit or go to log into the Arbor App. 


Please note: The parent won't be able to switch between students on the Parent Portal/Arbor App if the students attend two different schools. They will need to log out of one account and into another to see the information for both students. 


Using the Parent Portal for the first time and setting a password

A parent can access the Parent Portal to log in for the first time in a few different ways: 

  1. By navigating to and choosing Forgotten your password?
  2. By navigating to the school's URL, for example, if your school is called Sunnyville your URL might be Then clicking on First Time Logging In?
  3. By clicking on a link in a Welcome to Arbor or reset password email. You can find more information about sending out welcome emails to parents here.

When using option 3, Arbor will already know which school the new password is for.

When using options 1 or 2, if a parent has a profile at two schools with the same email address they'll see a drop-down where they can choose which school they're wanting to set a password for.


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