Reporting on Staff Abbreviations

If you need a one-click view of your three-letter abbreviations for staff, you can find this by going to either:

  • School > All Staff > Browse > Abbreviations
  • School > Timetable > Timetable Settings > Staff Names

The reports on both of these pages will include all staff that have, or have had an active business role assignment during the selected academic year.

You can also report on staff abbreviations with more flexibility in Arbor's Custom Report Writer - the following report types allow for abbreviations to be included as a column:

  • Staff
  • Staff Absence
  • Staff Contract Post
  • Course Leads

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start the creation of your Custom Report via School > Custom Report Writer > Create New Report, using one of the four report types above.
  2. By selecting the 'Today' date range option, you can ensure your report only pulls members of staff that are active on the day the report is run.
  3. Once you reach step 3 (Create a New Report: Select Columns), look for the option 'Name' in the Staff section. Double click on this, or drag it over to the Added Columns area.
  4. Once you've done step 2, a slideover menu will appear - on this, adjust the Format drop-down, and select Staff Abbreviation (e.g. JSM). As the screenshot below shows, there are a number of other options that you can select if you'd like. (The Name column can be added as many times as required).
  5. Click Save to add the column.

After adding the column, continue to create your report. Once created, the column will display the abbreviation for your members of staff.


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