What are the SEN Statuses of N, E and K?

To record a student as an SEN student, you need to give them an SEN Status. They will then appear as an SEN student for reporting, and on the list of SEN students.

You can see how to add an SEN status here: Adding SEN (Special Educational Need) for a student

For the Census, these statuses correspond to different codes that are output in the census:

  • Education, Health and Care Plan - E
  • Monitoring - N
  • No Special Educational Need - N
  • SEN Support - K

If no SEN status is set, this will also be output as N in the census.

Any students with SEN statuses that map to N are not counted as SEN students, and so will be excluded from SEN statistics.

Statement (S) Sen Status code

The Statement SEN Status (output as the S code) is no longer in use.

If you have any students with this SEN Status, you should change this to another status.

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