Seeing students who are continuously absent

Our out of the box continuous absence report

The Continuous Absence page shows you students who have an absent mark in a lesson on the selected date, and how many days they have had an absence mark in a lesson in a row. This page will not count all absences a student has had (use the Persistent Absentees page to do this instead), it will display students who have an absence that overlaps the date selected. 

Go to Students > Attendance > Absentees > Continuous Absence. 

Click the calendar icon at the top of the page to change the selected date. The absences count will be from the start of the academic year to this date.



When clicking on a specific student from the list a slide over will appear showing guardian details and student basic details. You can edit the mark from here if needed.



What counts as a Continuous Absence?

Any day where a student has an absent mark for any lesson, will count as an absent day. This means if they have any mark other than /,\, L, B, P, J, V any X mark, D, Y, Z # or W, this will count as an absence and make the student appear on the Continuous Absences page. U - Late (after register closes) also is considered as an absence so this could also cause a student to appear on this page. A full list of attendance codes and what affects attendance can be seen here.


Using the Custom Report Writer

You can report on continuous absence, or continuous attendance over a date range by creating a report in School > Custom Report Writer.

Click to add a new report, and select that the report is about Students. The date range determines which students to include, so if you want to include only students enrolled today, set it as Today.



Add the column for Statutory/Roll Call Continuous Sessions - you'll be able to select to change the name, and which attendance marks to look at. All the statistically relevant absence marks are pre-selected by default but this can be changed. See here for more information on attendance marks: Attendance codes and how they count towards statutory attendance

This column will show the maximum number of sessions that have happened consecutively with the attendance marks that you have chosen.

  • If you set your date range to today, you'll see a count of how many periods of absence that student has had. This won't show how many days, individual lessons or Roll Call AM/PM sessions the student has been absent for.
  • If you set your date range to a different range, such as last term or the academic year, the table will display a count of the roll call sessions with the longest stretch of these absences.



For example, I've chosen to report across the whole year. You can see that the highest number of consecutive roll call absences Kimberley has had is 14.

Looking on the Student Profile > Attendance > Marks (By Date) page, there may be other absences, but only the longest one that happened within the date range will be shown in the report.


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