Why are some staff not showing in the Staff Abbreviations section?

When going to School > Timetable > Timetable Settings > Staff Names, you will only see staff members who have a teaching role. This is because Teachers are typically those that will have timetables. Non-Teaching staff typically won't have their name appear on student timetables, so won't need an abbreviation.



Anyone with the following Business Roles will appear in the Staff Abbreviations section:

  • Art/Design Technician
  • Assistant Head Teacher
  • Creative Arts Specialist
  • Deputy Head Teacher
  • Executive Head Teacher
  • Head of Department
  • Head of Faculty
  • Head of House
  • Head of Year
  • Head Teacher
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Instructor (including sports coach)
  • Language Support
  • Learning Mentor
  • Learning Support Assistant (for SEN pupils)
  • Literacy Worker
  • Minority Ethnic Support
  • Music Tutor
  • Nursery Assistant
  • Nursery Nurse
  • Peripatetic Teacher
  • Supply Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Traveller Support
  • Youth Worker
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