How to centrally edit the columns shown in all assessment marksheets

You can choose to show or hide different columns in your marksheets by going to Students > Assessment > Assessment Framework > Marksheet settings.


To edit the settings you will need the Assessments: Administer permission to change these settings. If you don't have this permission, ask your admin team to assign it to you.


  • You can choose to display whether or not the student is part of a demographic such as Disadvantaged or choose to not show baselines in summative marksheets.
  • You can add any User-defined field to display, or show year to date attendance.
  • You can also include Early Years, KS1 or KS2 DfE standardised assessments - we'll only include this column in Marksheets if at least one student in the student group has a grade.

Change the order of columns in marksheets by dragging and dropping from top to bottom.



Choose which targets and columns to show in all your marksheets, to save teachers clicking into the filters on marksheets each time. Just select the column(s), and click Add column(s).

When not selected, the Students > Summative Assessment > Mark Entry > Marksheet pages will still show Baseline and Year target by default.



Choose whether to hide all Ad hoc comments and baselines from marksheets. Just select the column(s) to hide, and click Add column(s).



You can also lock baselines and targets, but please note when they are locked they are locked for all staff on all marksheets. Just select the column(s) to lock, and click Add column(s).



Once you've finished editing, make sure to click Save changes to apply your changes to marksheets.


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