When do registers open and close in Arbor?

When do registers open?

Registers can be opened by teachers and other staff up to one hour before the class is scheduled to start from the Lesson Dashboard or Daily Attendance pages. Until then, the Take Register button on the Lesson Dashboard will not be clickable. You can access My Classroom, but not take attendance yet.



Please note however, that it is possible for a register to be opened before this if:


When do registers close?

Registers don't close in Arbor, to allow administrators to make changes to attendance marks where needed, such as changing N to O. You'll need to make sure the right attendance is recorded for students by making sure:

  • You select the right attendance mark in registers
  • Your Roll Call times are correct
  • Your registers are scheduled for the right time

Register times and Roll Call times

Your Roll Call times will not automatically be the same time as the class end time. It is your school's responsibility to determine at what time statutory attendance should stop being collected.

  • The register times determine the length of the event on student timetables and ensure staff know the location of students throughout the day. 
  • The Roll Call times determine which register's attendance marks are used for the student's statutory attendance. For more information on how Roll Call Times work and how to set them, see this article: Roll Call times.

You can also see how to check student's statutory attendance marks here: How to use the Roll Call Marks attendance page

Students who arrive or leave after the register closes

Click here to see how to record absences for students that leave part-way through your am or pm sessions: Best practice for recording Partial Absences

As registers do not automatically close, you'll need to use attendance codes to manage whether students attend your class late: 

  • L - Late arrival before the register has closed - The student is counted as present.
  • U - Late (After Register Closes) - Schools should keep registers open for a reasonable amount of time, after which the student should be marked with a U - The student is counted as absent, unauthorised.

You can see more information here: Attendance codes and how they count towards statutory attendance

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