Manually signing students up to a breakfast or after-school club

Use this article if you don't use the Parent Portal or Parent App at your school, or you need to manually log that a parent has paid.

When adding students to sessions manually, you can add students even if the maximum number of participants per session has already been reached, or if the time is after the cut-off time.


You'll need the School: Extra Curricular: Administer permission to add students to wraparound care club sessions. If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.



Adding students to club sessions

To manually add students to wraparound care clubs, go to School > Activities > Clubs and select the club. You will be taken to the club overview.

Top Tip: If a student is manually added to a session in the past, their club session attendance mark will be automatically set to their roll call attendance mark for that day, but you can change this mark if needed.

In bulk

Go to the Club Participants page from the left-hand menu, and click +Add.



In the slide over, select the students (you can only select from the students you've added as possible participants), and choose the membership period to sign up for - this may be a day, a term or the whole academic year, depending on what your school has set up.

Top Tip: Click Ctrl+A (Windows) or Cmd+A (Mac) to select all students.



Choose which membership periods to sign up to and whether the students will have a meal. Then select which session interval times to sign the students up for.

Top Tip: If your school offers different times you can sign up to, you can only specify one for each day. To change the times for different weeks, you'll need to sign students up for each session one session at a time. 



Getting this error? Check you've set up prices for a student group that includes this student.

Top Tip: When prices are only added for different Key Stages you'll still get this error. We recommend setting up prices for Year Groups instead if there are different prices per key stage.



Adding students from the club session page

Please note that this method should only be used to add students to a session as it takes place (ad hoc). This is because adding a student directly to the individual session does not create a club membership. Student participation will show on the club participants page, and an invoice will be generated, but it will not show on the membership page on the student profile or the Parent Portal or Parent App.

From the Club Overview, click into the session you want to add students into.



Select the session to add students to.



Click +Add in the Students section.



Select the students to add to the session (you can only select from the students you've added as possible participants). Then select the session interval to add them to.

If you provide meals, you can also select whether a meal will be provided for these pupils.



You'll then see the students you've added to the session in the Students table.



Changing which interval the student is signed up for and whether they will have a meal

Go to the session following the instructions above, and click on the student to change the session interval. If you change the session , prices will be re-calculated automatically.



If a student has already been charged for a session (e.g. if the session has already taken place and they have been charged based on attendance), it is not possible to change the session interval.



Viewing the students who are signed up

Go to School > Activities > Clubs and select the club, then select Club Participants from the left-hand menu. Here you can see the students signed up for clubs.



Select the student to view what sessions they are signed up for, and cancel their membership if needed.



If you select Club Daily Summary from the left-hand menu and change the date, you can also see the students you've added to each individual club session.



What's next?

You can see when the payment for the club will be deducted from the students' balances here: When are payments invoiced for breakfast and after school clubs?

If you need to cancel participation in the club or give a refund to a guardian, you can see how to do this here: Cancelling and refunding breakfast club or after-school club memberships

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