Parents can't sign up to the breakfast or after-school club

If guardians can't see the wraparound care club on the Parent Portal or Arbor App, this is due to your settings. Check and amend these to enable it to show again so parents can sign up and pay.


  • School: Extra Curricular: Administer -Manage clubs
  • Finance: Administer - Manage finance details and payments for clubs

If you don't have the permission, you'll need to ask your admin team to give you permission using these instructions.


Guardians can't book certain days of the week

If you've set up a grouped membership period e.g. Termly only, parents can't select specific sessions e.g. Monday only.

Go to School > Activities > Clubs, select the club, then make sure to add a Daily period in the Membership Periods section.



Guardians can't book onto a new club

Step 1 - Check sign-up is open

First, check the guardian portal signup dates for your club. Go to School > Actitivies > Clubs, select the club, then click into the membership periods.

Check you have added dates overlapping with today.



Step 2 - Check eligibility

Check the pupils' eligibility. Only students who are eligible for the club will be able to be booked on.



Step 3 - Check accounting details

Check whether your school has Card payments set up on your site. Schools that have enabled card payments need to make sure accounting details and prices are specified.



For a free club, you will need to add prices for each session interval of £0.



Step 4 - Check terms

Check whether it's outside term time. When adding the sessions for a club during the holidays, if you selected term time only? parents would be unable to book their child onto the club. 



You would need to delete current sessions create them again unticking term time only?



Step 5 - Check clubs are visible

Check you have opted to show clubs on the Parent Portal and Arbor app by going to Students > Parents & Guardians > Parent Portal Settings. Amend this if you see an X here.

If the setting is off it will say (No do not show clubs).



The club used to show for parents to book but it isn't showing now

If the Club appears in the Inactive tab in School > Actitivies > Clubs, this is due to there being no upcoming scheduled sessions.

Find the Sessions section of the Club. Check when the last session took place as this will be the reason the club is inactive. You can either:

  • Move the effective end date for the sessions
  • Add new sessions using Step 2 in this article - you can either add a single session far in the future to avoid the club going back to inactive too early or set up more sessions to accurately represent when the club is actually taking place.


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