Can we change the price of a Wraparound Care Club?

You can change breakfast or after school club prices before or after your sessions have started.

However, when prices are changed, students who have already paid will not have their invoices changed or price updated. This is why we recommend you have your prices decided before setting up the club.

Amending the club prices

Editing a price

To change the price, go to School > Activities > Clubs. Click on the club.



In the Club Prices section, click +Add to add an additional price for a different groups of students, or click on the existing price to edit it.



Once you change the price, any students who signed up before the price was changed will still have the original price applied.



Deleting a price

To delete the price, go to School > Activities > Clubs. Click on the club. In the Club Prices section, select the price then click Delete price.

Please note that the invoices and payment details for students already booked on will still be there in the background.



Adding a new price

To add a new price, click +Add in the Club Prices section, and add the price details.

Any students who signed up before the new price was added will still have the original price applied.



Can we change the prices for students already booked on?

Please note that we will not be able to refresh the invoices for you.

If you had students booked on before the price change, this means that:

You could also cancel and refund their participation, then add them again to pull through the new pricing: Cancelling and refunding breakfast club or after-school club memberships


Changing the club price after a holiday

If you have changed the price of a club after a holiday but students have already booked on before the price change, they will be charged the old price.

One way that you can avoid this/stop more parents from booking at the wrong price for the next term if there is going to be a price change, is to end the membership periods on the last day of term for your club, and set up a new club to start after the holidays with the changed price. 

For your existing club:

  1. Go to School > Activities > Clubs and select your club.
  2. Click into the membership period and in the slide-over, click Edit.
  3. Remove the date and time in the Sign-up opens field and Save changes.
    You'll want to do this to remove the membership period from the parent portal and stop parents from booking this into next term. This is because you can't change the availability dates the period runs to once it has started.
    Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 11.54.12.png

  4. Under Membership Periods, click +Add.
    You will need to add a new membership period to cover the remaining length of time until the end of term to make sure that parents can still book at the current price until the holidays start.
    Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 11.57.08.png
  5. Set the new membership period to be available from now until your last day of term
    This will cover the remaining time span of the old price and let parents book club sessions at the existing price until the end of term.

Having done these steps, nobody can book onto the next term at the previous term's price!

To allow parents to also book next term at the new price, you will need to set up a new club to start from the first day of the next term. To do this, you can follow the step-by-step guidance in our article Wraparound care - Setting up a breakfast club or after-school club

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