Can we remove the Lunch requirement notice?

On the Parent Portal, guardians may see a prompt in the Notices section to get in touch with you to add a Lunch requirement.

  • If your school uses the Meals area of Arbor, make sure you record a Meal Choice for the student to remove this notification.
  • If your school doesn't use the Meals area of Arbor, follow the guidance below.



This notice flags when your school has a meal set up in a previous year. 

Go to School > Meals > Setup. Check each academic year by changing the year in the drop-down menu. You'll need to remove the meal setups across all past years.



You can delete the meal if it was never used and no money or invoices have been generated. This article shows you how to do this: Can we delete a meal?

If the Delete Meal button is still greyed out after following the steps in the article, it won't be possible to delete and there is no other way to remove the message.


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