Entering candidates in Arbor

What's the best page to make entries from?

You can easily enter candidates and see all your students entries on the Entries > Entry by Student Group page. You can use the filters at the top of the page to select external candidates, or the courses or exams you would like to display. 


What do the different symbols mean?

Once entered, candidates show as entered pending submission.

When candidates are entered, withdrawn, rejected or confirmed in the EDI exports section, the table will update to show this information.

  • A yellow clock means the candidate has been entered pending submission and confirmation with the exam board
  • A red clock means the candidate has been withdrawn pending submission and confirmation with the exam board
  • A green tick means the candidate has been entered
  • A red cross means the candidate was withdrawn





You can select courses, the table will display entries for students in that course and all the exams linked to that course. If you select any other student group you will be shown a list of all the students in that group and all their entries.



If you can't see any entries, make sure you have linked the qualifications.




Making entries in Arbor

To enter candidates, tick the boxes next to the students you want to make entries for, then click the blue pencil icon and select Enter Candidates.



In the slide over, select the qualification to enter the candidates into, then click Enter Candidates.



If you’re about to enter any candidates into Awards or Learning unit with the same discount or scheme codes, you’ll be notified in a slide over. You can then choose not to make the entry, or enter the candidates anyway.



Troubleshooting tips

How do I check my entries?

To quickly check entry totals for awards and learning units, go to Entries > Candidate Entries Summary.



You can check entries for one specific qualification, such as one that has Higher and Foundation components to check you have not entered students into conflicting exams. Just go to the Qualifications > Qualification Offering page and select the exam. Then click the Entries Overview tab.



Can't select students who have left your school to enter them into resits?

Step 1 - Set up a custom group

Go to Students > Enrolment > Custom Groups and click the green button.



In the slide over, add in the custom group name and select that it could contain All student. This ensures you can add past students to it. 


Step 2 - Add students from a custom report

Go to School > Custom Report Writer and select to create a new report. Select that the report is about students.



Set the date range as this academic year, then click Skip setup wizard, no need to add any further columns.



You can add a filter so your report will only show last year's year 11s.




Click to Save & View your report, then tick the students who are doing retakes and click the blue pencil icon to select Add to Custom Group.



In the slide over, use the top option to add them to the custom group you already set up.



Then click the More button and you can see the student in your custom group.


Step 3 - Enter your candidates

If you return to the Entries by Student Group page, you can select your custom group in the filters.



You'll then be able to enter the candidates.




Can't select the right series when entering candidates?

Step 1 - Check your Qualifications

Check which qualifications you've subscribed to from the Qualification Offering page. If you don't see the award you're trying to enter candidates into here, you'll need to add it.


Step 2 - Check what you're subscribed to

Click the award on the Qualification Offering page. Check you've ticked all the awards and learning units you'll be entering candidates into, then scroll down and click Save Offering. If you don't see the right learning units to tick, see the next step.



Step 3 - Manually link awards and units

Sometimes the basedata might not automatically link the units to the award. If you're expecting units but they're not linked to the award, add the units to the Qualification Offering page in the same way you'd add an award.



Return to the award, and manually link it to the units.


Step 4 - Check you've linked the units to the right award

If you've completed step 3 but can't make entries, you might have linked the units with the wrong award or the award with the wrong units. Go back and double-check you've linked them to the right ones.


Step 5 - Contact us

If you've checked all the settings shown in steps 1-4 above, but still can't make entries on the Entries by Student Group page, contact us by email at myteam@arbor-education.com.



What next? EDI Export

Once you have added exams and added candidates to them, you must create and export an EDI file out of Arbor to then submit to the exam boards

Exam entries are not automatically sent from Arbor to the exam boards. You will need to export them and upload them to the exam boards directly.

Take a look at this article for full instructions.

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