Can we sign in staff, student or parent visitors?

Staff and guardians

Arbor doesn't haver a sign-in system for visitors built-in. However, you'll be able to integrate Arbor with third-party systems that do offer this service, such as Entrysign. You can see a list of partners and how to set up the integration here.


To take attendance for students, they must be added to your site. If you have students visiting your school on a temporary basis, what we recommend will depend on the duration of their visit:

  • if they are visiting for a day (such as an open day), we do not recommend adding them to your site. You won't be able to put them onto registers in Arbor and you'll need to take attendance for these children outside of Arbor.
  • if they are attending your school for longer than a day, you can add them to Arbor as a Guest student which will mean they are included in your student numbers for statutory reporting in the school census. You can see how to do this here: Adding guest students
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