How do we migrate Applicants and Admissions?

We migrate certain applicant and admission details, depending on your previous MIS provider:

  • We migrate applicants from SIMS, RM Integris and CMIS
  • We migrate medical conditions for these applicants from SIMS and CMIS
  • We migrate intake seasons for these applicants from SIMS and CMIS
  • We also migrate intake groups for CMIS

If we don't migrate intake season details, the most recent intake season won't show at the top of the list in Students > All Students > Applicants. However, you should be able to find it by scrolling down to the very bottom of the list. To make it show at the top of the list, you can click into it and assign it to an academic year. 

You can see further details on managing the whole process in Arbor here: Managing Applicants and Admissions

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