Managing event ticket bookings and payments (e.g Christmas play, Pantomime, Nativity)

We have new School Shop functionality to help you manage payments for items easily in Arbor! We also recommend using the School Shop functionality to manage event tickets, such as for school plays.

You can see how to get started by taking a look here: School Shop - Setting up and managing shop or uniform payments and purchases

  • Choose specific groups of student to make tickets available to
  • Set a limit for the maximum number of tickets available in total
  • Parents can pay by card using the Parent Portal/Arbor App or your school can make the payment for them by card

Please note that you can't set a limit for the number of tickets that can be purchased for each parent or student. You would need to refund any extra tickets purchased.

You might want to let guardians know by email or in-app message that only x number of people can attend per child.

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