Do we migrate reports and report templates?

We don't migrate reports over from SIMS. However, you can still create the reports you need!

The great thing about Arbor is that you can use the area of the system you want to report on rather than having to create a report like you would have done in the Reporting area of SIMS.

For example, our attendance reports are usually called the same thing (such as with Persistent Absentees). Instead of creating a report in Reports, you can just jump straight to the Students > Attendance > Absentees reporting pages for out-of-the-box pre-built tables, that you can filter using built-in demographic groupings like Pupil Premium vs Not.

If you do decide that you need a bespoke report, you can use our Custom Report Writer. Just like in SIMS, you can use pre-built reports or ones you've designed:

There aren't the same And and Or buttons as in SIMS, but you can still narrow down your data! Take a look at how this works in Arbor here: Using AND and OR filters in the Custom Report Writer. You can also schedule the report to be sent out and shared with other staff, or do custom calculations and conditional formatting.

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